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Created with the idea to help local small business owners and neighbors. RS Mechanical Tech has been servicing, repairing and replacing mechanical equipment for years now. Cultivating relationships through respect and personal service.

We are now performing service, repairs and full equipment replacement for small businesses, large multi-family apartment buildings and residential homes, able to work with most A/C and heating equipment as well as providing competitive pricing on plumbing services.

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Quick response to inquires and services

Peace of Mind

RS Mechanical Tech is a fully insured company that provides service performed by licensed and qualified technicians, ensuring protection for both clients and workers. With this level of professionalism and protection, clients can trust RS Mechanical Tech for all their HVAC & Plumbing needs.

Freedom to Choose

Not tied to a specific brand or to make profit from the sale of equipment and parts. Honest prices for labor while giving you the ability to obtain the best equipment option for your specific needs.

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Service contracts for small businesses and residential equipment

Maintain peak efficiency on critical equipment

Fully customizable contracts that make sense depending on the type of business or residential equipment.

Not Trying to Sell

Honest suggestions. Will not condemn equipment just from the looks of it. Proven troubleshooting and service techniques obtained during years of field experience, allows us to keep your equipment running to its maximum service life.

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Air Conditioning & Heating


A/C or heating not working as it used to?

Your system contains several components that can go bad over time. From a routine check up to full replacement, RS Mechanical Tech can provide professional, honest and affordable service.


Heating or steam boiler troubleshooting service and repair, auxiliary devices testing/replacement, safety devices, etc.

Competitive pricing and value on cooling tower cleaning during pre & post season for maximum efficiency and life expectancy. Sump heater replacement, float or electronic fill valve repairs/replacement, etc.

Industrial Boilers

Stationary Engineer Service


Providing Stationary Engineer services for mechanical equipment in the State of Maryland to comply with regulations.

Prepare heating and steam boilers for State inspections, maintain safe and proper operation of equipment, perform safety checks and preventive maintenance.

Perform combustion analysis and tune ups for proper operation of the gas and oil burning burners.

Cleaning of fire side and water side.

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Plumbing Repairs


Professional water heater replacement, relocation or upgrades at a competitive pricing that can help you get back to normal fast.

Leak repairs on copper, CPVC, PVC, steel and PEX pipe.


Offering pump rebuilds, major plumbing component upgrades such as storage tanks, water heaters, boiler installation and valves.

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